Information Required on Research Proposal

The ICSR Lab application form asks for the following information:

  • Contact and affiliation information for everyone who will need access to the Lab. If you are a student, we also ask that your academic supervisor/professor/mentor is a member of this group.
  • Proposal details including: title and abstract, your expected timelines and outcomes, relevant supporting research, and details of technical experience and expertise. The proposal abstract should include details about the significance of the project - how it addresses an important problem or a critical barrier to progress in the field and how it can advance knowledge in the ICSR Research Themes. If you are not sure how much detail we need, you can consult our FAQ page for some examples.

We also want to hear your proposed approach to answering your research question:

  • An explicit research question or hypothesis you plan to test, and specific aims/objective related to that question.
  • The project’s overall strategy and planned methodology.
  • How the proposed project will make use of one or more of the available ICSR Lab datasets.
  • Any especially innovative or novel aspect of the proposed project.
  • Please consider what could be the potential outlets for research findings - how you will share your findings (e.g. which scientific conferences and/or scholarly journals).
  • In the relevant research experience section you should briefly describe your research experience relevant to this proposal (in up to 200 words or 5 publications).
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